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Positive Attitude as a Writer

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A negative attitude toward yourself as a writer can make you anxious and lead you to "block." A positive attitude can guide you realistically through the process.


If you find yourself thinking anxiety-producing thoughts such as ... ... then change your attitude: encourage yourself and tell yourself how to get the job done:
1. "Nothing I put down will be any good." 1. "It's not doing any good to be so critical of myself. I'll just get something on paper and improve it later."
2. "I can't think of how to begin." 2. "I don't have to start at the beginning. I'll start somewhere else and write the introduction later"
3. "I intended to write today and I've puttered around instead: I'm a failure." 3. "Everybody procrastinates when writing: it's natural. I just need to expect it and plan for it."
4. "I feel inadequate to write this: it's hopeless." 4. "I expect too much of myself. I can learn what I need to know and write down what I learn."
5. "I strive for perfection in writing." 5. "Nobody's perfect ... but I can be competent at what I do. I'll strive for competence."
6. "I haven't started to write when I intended to, so I might as well blow it off." 6. "I can still get something done. I'll just write for five minutes and then I'll be started."
7. "I can't write if conditions are not exactly right." 7. "I'm kidding myself. I can get some good solid work done in a variety of situations if I will just let myself."
8. "I'm not a born writer. Writing comes so hard for me. I don't have the talent." 8. "Most writing isn't talent: it's time and work. I don't have to be a born writer to get this job done; I just need to put in the time and attention."
9. "I'm not creative." 9. "I'm scaring myself. Calm down. All I have to do is finish this task, this job. My value as a person is not on the line."
10. "I can't write this until I understand it all." 10. "If I wait until I know it all, I'll never start, much less finish. I can write the parts that I do understand now."




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