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Terms for Analysis

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The Language of Analysis in Paragraph Writing


Frequently, students limit the language of analysis to This _(noun)_ shows...  or This _(noun)_ is important because....   Here is a list of alternatives to the routine terms of "show" and "is important because".  Consider a variety of ways to communicate your pithy analysis of quotations and paraphrases in your next literary essay.   All of these terms are not created equal; be certain you fully understand what you are saying when you use each of them. 


  • Signifies
  • Signals
  • Demonstrates
  • Reveals
  • Clarifies
  • Draws attention to           
  • Exposes
  • Manifests itself in
  • Shines a light on
  • Focuses
  • Indicates
  • Affirms   
  • Communicates
  • Betrays
  • Denotes
  • Connotes
  • Represents
  • Stands for
  • Suggests
  • Implies
  • Corresponds to
  • Exemplifies
  • Typifies
  • Exhibits
  • Imitates
  • Impersonates
  • Reproduces
  • Embodies
  • Symbolizes
  • Epitomizes
  • Equates




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